2nd Grade Learnings

2nd Grade Curriculum: What we are learning…….

MATH::  Chapter 4 Two- Digit Subtraction with and without regrouping  strategies of making ten ones by trading a ten rod unit.

ELA: Learning about the genre : fiction

We continue to work on the following reading skills:

The setting of a story, it’s characters, text evidence , soft and long vowel sounds, comprehension, main idea and details and vocabulary words.

We are learning to summarize and write a summary/plot of a story. We have written informational text, a compare/contrast article and a opinion piece.

Genres: informational text, realistic fiction,  poetry legends, fiction

SCIENCE:;.we just completed polar animals, their adaptations and how they relate to other living things in their ecosystem. We, also, learned about the scientist Wilson Bently and his discoveries about snow.

SOCIAL STUDIES:;we are learning about various famous people who reformed the world being peaceful, brave and using strategies like making speeches, doing marches, boycotting, striking and simply not giving up….perservering!

RELIGION:   concentrating on the Ten Commandments then  learning about Penance and Reconciiliation.