ELA-  A to Z reading Groups        Whole Group- Engage Ny  Unit 3  Kids Excel   working on long vowel sounds /ae/  spelled ai, ay and a       long vowel sound /oe/ spelled oa,oe and o    long vowel souns /ie/ spelled ie, I         long vowel sound /ue/ spelled as ue and u     Sound /aw/ spelled au and aw



Writing- will be working on personal narratives



MATH-  Chapter 4    2-digit addition        math strategies        Xtramath practice everyday

Prodigy-  math lessons during Technology II  time on Friday


SCIENCE-   working on animals from the polar regions   …how they survive in their ecosystem and what foods they eat in their ecosystem.  Then will  introduce Earth’s systems.


SOCIAL STUDIES-  Learning  about Martin Luther King  and others who fought for change including Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Mary Bethune, Cesar Chavez and  Jackie Robinson


RELIGION-  Feast of the Three Kings  and then moving on to Chapter 5- Choosing Good