April  2021 

This is what we are learning in 2B….

MATH:    We are working Chapter 10- Data and Graphing. We will learn about Tally, Bar, and Picture Graphs.

ELA:        We are reading  Unit 4 “The Job Hunt.”  The stories are based on the community in and around NY City. We will integrate our Social Studies into ELA.  We will be also reading non-fiction books about map skills.  The second graders are reading biographies in Library.  Phonics will consist of reviewing sound spellings learned and we will learn compound words.  We will be learning about character traits, settings, and plots of stories. We are learning to write a book report.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We have just completed our unit of study on US Symbols and Monuments. We each completed a speech template about one symbol or monument. We did a poster board about this symbol and we presented our projects on zoom to our families. We are beginning  to learn about Maps. We will learn about types of maps, map symbols, map keys and how to read a map.

SCIENCE:  We just completed our study of Landforms and are beginning to study    “Healthy Eating (nutrition) and Ways to Stay Healthy.

RELIGION: We are learning about the Parts of the Mass.


Monday-  Library  and      PE

Tuesday-  Music

Wednesday- Library Exchange   and     PE

Thursday- Technology ll         and      Art

Friday- Technology l

Mrs. Bronowicki