This is what we are learning in 2B….

MATH:    We have begun Chapter 7. We are concentrating on MONEY.  We are learning the names and amounts of the coins. We are counting on, learning how to show amounts in two ways and are doing money word problems.

ELA:        We are working in Unit 3: Kid’s Excel.   In phonics we are learning the sound spellings of all long vowels /ae/    /oe/     ue     /ie/:    . We continue to work on C.S.P.(capitalization, spacing and punctuation) in all our written work.  We are reading Sylvester and The Magic Pebble and working on reading skills  like MAIN IDEA, CAUSE and EFFECT, CHARACTERS and SETTING.  We will also read “Lincoln and Grace” and work on reading skills.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are learning about people who fought for change. We will study Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, and Jackie Robinson…just to name a few. We will begin to discuss Lincoln and Washington as we study the Presidents.

SCIENCE:  We completed our study  about polar animals and their adaptations. We learned how they live within their ecosystem.  We also learned about snowflakes, ice and the scientist Wilson Bentley who discovered important facts about snowflakes.

RELIGION: We are working on the Ten Commandments, the prayer –  ‘Act of Contrition’ and the forgiveness of our loving Father.


Monday-  Library  and      PE

Tuesday-  Music

Wednesday- Library Exchange   and     PE

Thursday- Technology ll         and      Art

Friday- Technology l

Mrs. Bronowicki