This is what we are learning in 2B….

MATH:    Basic number facts and relationships…Chapter 3… We are learning strategies to help us add and subtract.  We are learning doubles, doubles plus one, turnaround game, make a ten, tens partners, and plus zero. 

ELA:        We are working on our long vowel sounds with the magic e. We are also working on the r-controlled vowels.  We are learning  to use quotation marks around a sentence that is being spoken by a particular person.  We are learning contractions. We are working on the writing process..planning, drafting, and editing for final written work.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are learning about the first settlers on the Eastern US  border..the Wampanoag people. We will write a informative piece about the Wampanoag using a diagram chart as our draft. We will be introduced to the first immigrants the Pilgrims and will be learning how the Wampanoag and the Pilgrim helped each other. We will use the site scholastic.com The First Thanksgiving to compare the food, clothing, chores etc of the two peoples.

SCIENCE:  We began the study of Owls. We will learn the vocabulary..prey, predator burrow, and habitat. We will learn about the special adaptations that God gave the owl to survive in it’s habitat. We will dissect a pellet as part of a science experiment. We will predict, observe and come to a conclusion.

RELIGION: We are learning about forgiveness and the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation and we are making a Thanksgiving prayer.


Monday-  Library  and      PE

Tuesday-  Music

Wednesday- Library Exchange   and     PE

Thursday- Technology ll         and      Art

Friday- Technology l

Mrs. Bronowicki