This is what we are learning in 2B….

MATH:    We have begun Chapter 5 – 2-Digit Subtraction. We are learning to regroup. We are also learning how to solve 2-step word problems. This is the poem that helps us with our 2-digit subtraction:    More on top no need to stop.        More on the floor go next door take ten more.  Numbers the same zero is the game.

ELA:        We are working in Unit 3: Kid’s Excel.   In phonics we are learning the sound spellings of long  A :    ai, ay, a_e   and a. We continue to work on C.S.P.(capitalization, spacing and punctuation) in all our written work.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are learning about people who fought for change. We will study Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, and Jackie Robinson…just to name a few. 

SCIENCE:  We are learning about polar animals and their adaptations. We will learn how they live within their ecosystem.

RELIGION: We will complete our study of Advent/Christmas and begin learning about the Ten Commandments.


Monday-  Library  and      PE

Tuesday-  Music

Wednesday- Library Exchange   and     PE

Thursday- Technology ll         and      Art

Friday- Technology l

Mrs. Bronowicki